Frequently asked Questions ?

Rating condition of the device by the customer honestly is most important for quick release of payment. So We have created a page specifically for that.  Please click below.

How to rate condition of my Device ?

It’s all automatic. Shipping label will magically show up in your email once you submit the offer. It may take upto 10 minutes for our system to generate & send shipping label.

No, We do not provide box for shipping. The best we can do is provide a shipping label which you can be used with USPS SMALL flat rate box. The small box can we used for shipping upto 3 mobile devices.

We will honor the price we quoted if the condition of the device matched as per the guideline defined on website. If the condition does not match, we will counter you with new offer. If you accept, payment will be issued. if not, we will ship the device back to you for free. Terms & condition apply.

We will match price with any reputable trade in company upto 5% of offer price on our website  with any reputable  and give you $5 as a bonus.  (maximum $20 including $5 bonus). Terms & condition apply.

Yes, You can change the payment method after accepting the offer. Please note you need to do it at least 2 days before we receive your device.  We should receive written request from Primary email where shipping label was sent.

Yes. Please note you need to do it at least 2 days before we receive your device. We should receive written request from Primary email where shipping label was sent.

We pay you within the 24Hr after receiving the device if device is delivered to us before 12PM. If device is delivered after 12PM the payment will be processed next day. If we do not fulfill our promise, we will pay you $5 for the delay. 24Hr payment warranty is not applicable if the condition of device does not match with our guidelines or if we contact you for any additional information or confirmation.

You can use Check in Mail,  PayPal and Amazon. You are responsible for providing correct email address & make sure it is linked to your payment account properly.

We are not scam, We are just new. We are registered with state of Texas since June 2015 under texas LLC number  – 802242965. We have clearly mentioned all our contact details, Phone number & address on the website to make sure you are 100% confident before you deal with us.  

We are the most honest & customer friendly company for trading in your used device. You can reach us by Phone, Chat, Email or text alerts for offer. You will never have to wait hours to get status of your offer. We provide price match, Multiple device Bonus, 24Hrs payment promise in most convenient way. Give us a try & you are going to love us.

Yes, Your information is secure. We do not sell or disclose data to any company for any reason. Please read our privacy ploicy.

Please look at terms & condition page.  Link is in footer of website also.

If your device is lost, We will make a insurance claim. We will  pay you once we receive compensation from insurance company. Terms & condition apply.

Damage in transit can only be covered if the customer has pictures & proof that the device was shipped in perfect working & physical shape. Please ensure you take pictures of device with serial number or IMEI number & also the shipping box before you ship your device to us. If you do not have proof, there is not way to determine if the device is damaged in transit. Hence, it will be re-evaluated by Gazzt.com & new offer will be provided. If the customer do not accept the offer, it will be shipped back for free.

We or insurance company will not pay for damage due to improper packing of goods not limited to not properly padded, unsealed box or any other reason.